(interior) Waterproof polished wall putty formula

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  1. Alex

    Alex Moderator

    Recipe material to provide reference: the material of their respective regions are different, this formula can only provide a reference, not allowed to mass production before experiment.


    Filler: Ground Calcium Carbonate: 700kg

    Inorganic binder: calcium hydroxide 300kg (According to the purity of the local add)

    Methyl hpmc: between 3.5 and 4.5 (100000cps)

    brighteners: around 2KG

    Starch ether: between 0.3-0.5 (forGood workability without sticky putty knife, hard, etc.)

    This is a relatively simple recipe, practical, but in different the geographical environment of each region, diferent raw materials, construction habits and so on. Recipe only for reference, if you have a better formula , you can also publish in here, so that everyone study together.
  2. chen

    chen New Member

    I have a formula

    calcium hydroxide: 300kg

    Ground Calcium Carbonate: 700kg

    Methyl hpmc: between 4 -5 kg

    RDP :6-8kg

    Starch ether: appropriate amount

    Suitable for polishing; Sanding;Painted. And sanding without delamination. If Want to polish better, Add calcium carbonate light
  3. Alex

    Alex Moderator

    Is the cost a bit high?
  4. chen

    chen New Member

    yes, If you don't want polishing, You can use PVA instead of part of RDP, the cost will be lower, The most Important is no problem in construction.
  5. Amy Wang

    Amy Wang New Member

    The formula is basic ok,the Ash calcium content 300´╝îestimate the calcium content is not high,so result in increase in the amount of cellulose
  6. paul

    paul New Member

    If it is high purity of calcium hydroxide, it is basically feasible. But if the calcium hydroxide content is too high will affect the construction problems.

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