How about this self-leveling mortar formula?


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How about this self-leveling mortar formula?

Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5 270
High aluminum cement 60
Sand 70-150 mesh 480
Heavy Calcium Carbonate 400 mesh above 158
Anhydrous gypsum 30
Redispersible powder 12
Cellulose ether MP400 0.8
superplasticizer 3
Lithium carbonate 0.5
Defoamer 1
Tartaric acid 1


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This recipe is not bad
The proportion of cementitious material can be adjusted, the amount of Ordinary Portland Cement less, add more high-aluminum cement, if 60 kg of high-alumina cement, 24-hour strength and polished estimated more difficult.
Gypsum is too small, I usually use 40 to 50 kg

Superplasticizer is a special product, if it is 3kg polycarboxylic acid, then the quality of polycarboxylic acid is very poor, if the melamine type F10,3 kg amount is not enough.And Lithium carbonate is less