Add 10kg RDP or 20kg RDP into 1mt tile adhesive, Feeling no difference?

Discussion in 'Tile adhesive | grout' started by Miroslav, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Miroslav

    Miroslav New Member

    Add 10kg RDP or 20kg RDP into 1mt tile adhesive, why feeling no difference? Can we add PVA into tile adhesive? What role does it play?
  2. paul

    paul New Member

    10KG RDP and 20KG RDP difference is in the pullout force, PVA can improve the initial adhesion, it has a certain viscosity, such as your 10 kg RDP can be replaced with 2 kg PVA with 8 kg RDP, 20 kg RDP content is no need to add PVA.
  3. rony

    rony Administrator Staff Member

    10 kg and 20 kg, the construction of the difference will not be too obvious, the more RDP content, tile adhesive'anti-slip more difficult to solve. the other is RDP content usually 15KG for C1, and then optimize the formula.
    PVA generally do not have to add, water resistance is no effect, and the cost is not low, PVA is generally used in the low-end products without RDP
  4. mohammed

    mohammed Guest

    Hi am just starting a tile adhesive company i need some ideas on how to produce the product and some starting formula.

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