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    What fibers are commonly used in ready-mix mortar?

    Currently, chemical synthetic fibers and wood fibers are commonly used in ready-mix mortar. After surface modification of these chemical synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene staple fiber or PP staple fiber, they will be not only good in dispersion, but also low in the amount added, able to...
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    What is the mechanism of crack resistance of fibers?

    When fibers are uniformly and disorderly dispersed in the cement mortar matrix, subject to external force or internal stress changes, fibers have limited and hindered the extension of micro-cracks to a certain extent. Hundreds of millions of fibers, crisscrossed and isotropic, are evenly...
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    What are the roles of fiber in mortar?

    The main roles of fiber in mortar are crack resistance, toughening, impact resistance, permeability resistance, frost resistance and fatigue resistance, etc. ① Crack Resistance: Prevent the extension of original defect cracks in the mortar matrix, effectively prevent and delay the emergence of...
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    What are the roles of adding fiber into cement mortar?

    Since cement mortar is a brittle material, with the tensile strength much less than its compressive strength, the impact resistance and crack resistance are poor. There exist a lot of dry shrinkage cracks and temperature cracks in the cement products. These cracks continue to change and develop...